Desiree Bell

Desiree Bell

Desiree Bell, Blogger

desiree with plant

Occupation: Writer

Place of Residence: Idaho

Current Projects: Creating and blogging about plants and their uses.

Desiree Bell incorporates plants into all aspects of her life; gardening, decorating, cooking, and healing. She holds certificates in herbology and aromatherapy and continuously learns through hands-on experiences.
She tends her indoor plants and suburban garden that is progressing from a blank slate—always looking for a new adventure to get outside and observe plants in nature.
She writes for various publications and keeps a journal on her website where you can find simple ways to get inspired to grow and create with plants. She co-wrote a book Foliage Houseplants Coloring Book and Crossword Puzzles available through her website.    

“Explore nature and become mindful which can lead to inspiration and creativeness.” – Desiree Bell

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