Casey Marshall

Casey Marshall


Casey is an assistant editor for Mother Earth Living, Mother Earth News, and Heirloom Gardener at Ogden Publications.

Casey developed her love of reading and her sense of adventure in her home city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Seeking to expand her cultural experiences in the United States, she moved across the country from the big city, to tiny Salem, Virginia to pursue her higher education at Roanoke College. Determined to enter the workforce, she graduated in three years with her bachelor’s degree, after majoring in Political Science and minoring in Sociology. It was during the pursuit of her degree that she developed her critical eye for editing and love of writing.

After graduating, Casey lived and worked in the fast-paced Washington, D.C. metro area until moving to Lawrence, Kansas where she could truly appreciate wide-open spaces and a smoother life pace. From there she joined the team at Ogden Publications to follow her true passions: reading, writing, and editing material focused on conscientious living. Casey began her employment at Ogden on the Web Services team, but soon joined Mother Earth Living, Mother Earth News, and Heirloom Gardener as an assistant editor.

Casey’s travelled through 10 countries, including a brief study abroad in Sri Lanka. Each trip cultivated her fascination with alternative living and began her journey toward a more simple and well-balanced lifestyle.

Outside of professional endeavors, she enjoys spending time with her black cat, Jasper, reading the many books riddle throughout her home, and developing her plant-heavy culinary skills. She plans to develop her gardening abilities by growing a pet friendly medicinal garden this year.

You can find Casey on LinkedIn.

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