Brenda Pruitt

Brenda Pruitt

Occupation: Blogger brenda pruitt bio

Place of Residence: Patio apartment

Background: Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing/Journalism

Brenda has been a writer, decorator and gardener for as long as she can remember. She has a degree in Professional Writing and won awards in college for in-depth investigative feature writing.

She plants herbs, veggies, vines and all kinds of flowers and grasses in containers on her big fenced patio behind her one-level apartment. She planted a jade ginkgo butterfly tree in a container last fall. She named it Jade. Her plan is to plant more trees in containers on her patio, a newfound interest recently acquired.

Her blog, Cozy Little House, is focused on frugal decorating and gardening in small spaces. She also writes essays about life that she dubs “reflections.” Many are focused on her rather unusual background regarding her childhood and the family she’s never known.

She loves iced coffee and veggie burgers with vegetables fresh from her patio garden. She lives alone with her dog, Charlie. Photography is her passion. She also loves to read and reviews books for publishers and authors/publicists on her longtime blog. She likes nothing better than reading a psychological thriller or suspense novel, curled up underneath a quilt with her dog Charlie by her side.

You can find her at her blog at and follow her on Pinterest at

Current Projects: Summer gardening, learning the essentials to making iced coffee, reviewing books for publishes

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