Toxic Chemicals in Cleaning Products

| 3/18/2013 12:37:00 PM

These potentially toxic chemicals can be found in many household cleaners. For a safer way to clean your home, check out the post Spring Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Cleaners.

chemical cleaners
Photo By Les Cunliffe/Fotolia

Chlorine Bleach

Usually found in scouring powder and dishwashing detergent. Contains:

Chlorine: Fumes can cause stomach disorders and irritation to eyes and respiratory tract; may cause reddening of the skin


Usually found in window/glass and all-purpose cleaners. Fumes can irritate eyes, lungs; can cause burns or rashes on skin; if mixed with chlorine, creates chloramine gas, which can cause coughing, loss of voice, feeling of burning and suffocation

Drain Cleaners


Lye: caustic; can cause burns to skin and in severe cases, blindness
Sulfuric acid: can cause severe skin burns and blindness