Repurposing Vintage Treasures and Mixing with Modern Pieces

| 8/17/2011 2:51:16 PM

Stephanie Nickolson headshotStephanie Nickolson has designed residential, commercial and eco-conscious environments for more than 24 years. Her firm, Stephanie Nickolson Design, promotes the use of sustainable, non-toxic, recyclable and environmentally-friendly products and services. The firm works largely with clients who have allergies, chemical sensitivies or who have children with special needs. 

Gone are the days when I longed to present my home to guests filled with everything bright, shiny and new. Aside from my design aesthetic changing, along came two children and a dog, and I finally came to terms about the practicality of actually living in a home and making it comfortable. I no longer gasp when I nick my kitchen table or the dog adds a new scratch to my wood floors. My taste is now an eclectic blend of vintage and new; the juxtapositioning of a distressed accent piece of furniture with a shiny new glass vase. 

An antique table distressed with some plants and modern accessories 
A distressed antique table with some plants and modern accessories. Photo by Stephanie Nickolson Design. 

My neglected exterior projects went by the wayside as my kitchen renovation took precedence. I now will happily embellish my paint-peeled deck with some fabulous terra cotta pots accented with bright colors and a plethora of pretty flowers. I will get around to having that railing repainted, but I'm not going to lament over it for now.

Beautiful potted flowers are my focal point vs the neglected paint peeling deck railing
Beautiful potted flowers are my focal point, not the neglected, paint-peeling deck railing. Photo by Stephanie Nickolson Design. 

It's about highlighting the positives and small details that make you happy and not worrying about having a spotless, perfect home.