Re-Think Your Decor: Vintage Glass Bottles as Instant Bud Vases

| 7/31/2009 4:02:11 PM

Sure, glass is 100 percent recyclable, but refashioning used beverage and other types of bottles into vases instead is so much more fun. Whether they’re collecting dust in the attic or you stumble upon some great finds at a thrift store, seeing old glass bottles in a more resourceful way can certainly add some much-needed whimsy to your décor, and it just so happens to be environmentally friendly, too.

flowers in coke bottles
Photo Courtesy PostRoadVintage/

Using vintage soda bottles from a bygone era is my favorite makeshift vase idea. These Coca-Cola and Mattson’s soda bottles for sale on Etsy by PostRoadVintage have just the right charm to match the cheeriness of freshly picked garden blossoms.

orange flower
Photo By AndWat/Courtesy Flickr.

Old-fashioned milk bottles are rather neglected these days. Repurpose them! Milk bottles can hold a bundle of blooms when a formal vase just won’t do. A collection of several milk bottles in varying sizes holding bunches of flowers would do the trick nicely.

wine glasses
Photo By Merodeador/Courtesy

When you’ve finished the last drop of your best-loved wine (especially one with a great-looking label), save the bottle for when a single stem flower needs a new home. When you have a collection of wine bottles, arrange them in a row and alternate each flower’s color to create rhythm.