Re-Think Your Decor: Nightwood’s Reincarnated Furniture

| 11/20/2009 1:19:22 PM

When you are low on cash, have just moved to a new city and need to furnish your digs, your options usually consist of scoring thrift store finds and great deals on secondhand pieces from online classified ads. Well, what happens you can’t even afford that?

When Myriah Scruggs and Nadia Yaron got to New York City, they found themselves in this very situation. That’s when they decided to repurpose castoff furniture rescued from the street curb.

The furniture pieces they deconstructed and reconstructed from other people’s trash became rustic-yet-modern works of art—and the makings of a home décor business specializing in custom furniture and textiles called Nightwood. Making Dumpster diving chicer than ever, Scruggs and Yaron show how necessity breeds design innovation through “reincarnated furniture” made from the bones of abandoned pieces that get a facelift with new upholstery of organic, vintage and sustainable fabrics. The duo also produces textiles, including pillows, linens and rugs constructed of recycled materials.

Nightwood Hitchcock Coffee Table

The Hitchcock Coffee Table is a poetic composition of oak, purpleheart, ipe, mahogany, pine, poplar and birch plywood. It’s serious and sturdy with a patchwork-y yet refined style.

Nightwood Market Chair