Proud Green Home in Wildwood, Missouri

| 6/30/2015 5:00:00 AM

The lower Midwest is known for its hot humid summers and frigid cold winters. New homes need both a heating and cooling strategy in this climate. In the summer, it’s common to have one or two areas in a house be uncomfortably warm, requiring the air conditioning system to be boosted to promote comfort. In leaky older homes, air infiltrates through cracks in the building envelope, making it difficult to control the purity of indoor air and the humidity levels in the home.

The new 3,700 square foot prairie-style Proud Green Home in Wildwood, Missouri, contains numerous advanced building science techniques and is designed for a family with three children around comfort, energy efficiency and high indoor air quality. A tight building envelope in the house allows less air to infiltrate through cracks and gaps and can help maintain comfort and reduce energy bills.

Proud Green Home
Photo courtesy Proud Green Home

Energy Efficiency Features

As homes get tighter, air quality and humidity issues can become an issue, requiring an effective ventilation strategy. To boost comfort and energy efficiency, Proud Green Home Saint Louis uses a Zehnder energy recovery ventilator. A stream of fresh-filtered air constantly enters the living areas of home, while stale air is removed from the bathrooms, kitchen and utility rooms.

This allows the builder to determine where the intake air originates, avoiding contaminants that would otherwise enter through crawl spaces, basements or attached garages in a leaky home. In a tight home without an effective ventilation strategy, stale air remains in the home and toxins are not sufficiently diluted.

The air from the energy recovery ventilator in the Proud Green Home is pre-cooled in the summer and pre-heated in the winter from the system's exhaust air, thus the supply air is nearly room temperature. This energy transfer feature keeps energy bills and fossil fuel use down, while maintaining comfort.