Moving Into The NewenHouse Kit Home(2)

| 10/25/2011 1:09:27 PM


We’ve moved in and are enjoying living in the first NewenHouse. We were curious about what it would really feel like to experience this house and we have lots of news to report. Here's a first floor view just prior to us moving in. The kitchen window faces North and the storage three season room. Beyond the North door is the 6 x 14 foot breezeway leading into the three season porch and storage room.

 A View from the East Door Entry Just Prior to Move In  

Electricity: After a month we received our first electrical bill. We consumed 350 kWh and produced 384 kWh, receiving a credit on our bill. Our solar hot water installer, Full Spectrum Solar, suggested that we unplug the electrical water heater backup system and see how long we can last with using only the sun to heat our water. It’s been 73 days and we have not needed to plug in the back up electric water heater. We take showers every day, do multiple loads of laundry when the sun’s out, wash our dishes after every meal, and have yet to run out of hot water. There was only one day when we took a “Luke Skywalker shower” with lukewarm water. My guess is that in November when the string of shady days begins to descend on Wisconsin we will need to plug into the electrical grid. 

Air exchange: This past Friday, (October 21) The Alliance for Environmental Sustainability held a tour here thanks to a Zehnder sponsorship After the house tour we listened to presentations by our Green Rater, Laura Paprocki (, the EMF (Electro and Magnetic Fields) consultant Spark Burmaster, and the Passive House consultant Carly Coulson. In the morning we conducted the final duct blaster test and reached .51 air changes per hour at 50 Pascal’s! So we passed the preformance measurement for Passive House certification which allows .6 air changes per hour. It’s harder to achieve this number with a small house as our air volume is much less than most homes. This number is thus particularly impressive. See Joe giving us the thumbs up below. 

Thumbs Up by Joe Nagan 

6/7/2014 12:07:11 PM

Three years ago I moved with my family in a new house and even now I remember the feelings I had when I first entered the home. The kids and my wife loved the interior decor, what I liked the most was the wheels installed on a lot of appliances and furniture, it was very easy to change their place and put them where u desire.