DIY: Making Beeswax Candles with Essential Oils

| 12/7/2011 10:52:49 AM

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d.bell2Desiree Bell is inspired by botanicals and natural materials. She is a vegetarian who has a certificate in herbal studies and a certificate from Australasian College of Health Sciences in Aromatherapy. When she isn't in her suburban garden, hiking or crafting, she is teaching pre-k with an emphasis on nature and gardening. Visit her blog Beyond A Garden.

Making beeswax candles is a fun and easy project, perfect for the holiday season. Beeswax is the part of honeycombs that can be melted down, filtered and used for making candles. The wax is produced by honeybees transforming the pollen and nectars of flowers into a most amazing array of products including honey, royal jelly, propolis, bee pollen and beeswax.

Young worker bees between 12 and 17 days old produce the beeswax in four pairs of glands located on the underside of their abdomen. Bees need to eat 10 parts of honey to produce one part beeswax, and it is estimated that bees must fly around 150,000 miles to produce just one pound of beeswax. 

open beeswax candle 12-7-2011
Beeswax is the part of honeycombs that can be used for making candles.

Beekeepers obtain beeswax from three sources within the hive: cappings, combs and hive scrapings. If the beekeeper is planning to use or sell the wax for candle making it is obtained from the cappings or rendered from the comb in which no brood rearing occurred. These sources will provide the wax with a lemony-yellow color and natural aroma of honey essence.

When beeswax candles are burned, they produce white, round flames and smoke the least of all types of candles depending on the purity of the wax and type of wicking. Beeswax candles can burn up to twice as long as paraffin type candles.

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