Make it Green: Use Vintage Tins as Creative Storage Containers

| 11/22/2010 12:00:36 PM

In the past, antique metal tins were used to hold food items such as tea, sugar, crackers, coffee, spices and others goods. Today, I love to use vintage tins to store and organize items around my home. Put them in any room in your house to add a retro feel to your décor. 


Add some spice to your kitchen décor by using vintage tins to hold wooden spoons, spatulas and other kitchen utensils. The tins will give your kitchen counter visual appeal while also keeping essential utensils close at hand.  

antique kitchen tins 
Use retro antique tins to store wooden spoons, spatulas and knives in the kitchen. Photo By **tWo pink possums**/Courtesy Flickr 

In my kitchen, I use a pretty vintage cake and biscuits tin to hold packets of tea. The tin saves space by storing all of my tea packets in one location. It also keeps my cupboard looking sleek and organized instead of a mess of various tea boxes. Vintage tins can also be used to store baking goods like sugar, salt and flour. You could also use a tin to keep coffee beans or grounds near the coffeemaker. 

Choose tins with bold graphics and bright colors to give your kitchen a retro vibe.