Green Rookie: After-Christmas Cleanup

| 12/28/2009 11:29:24 AM

Christmas may have passed, but the remnants of the holiday festivities remain—piles of wrapping paper, boxes, and ribbons; tangled strands of lights; trees losing needles all over the living room floor.

Fortunately, cleaning up after another holiday season is easier—and more earth-friendly—than ever with these tips for clearing out the post-Christmas clutter.


wrapping paper
Don’t throw out wrapping paper just because it’s torn; you can strategically place bows and ribbon over the ripped areas. NH Archives.

Is any of that gift wrap salvageable? If so, smooth it out, fold it neatly and stash it away for next year. Gift bags in particular are easy to reuse. You might be able to salvage ribbons too.

If that won’t work, why not tackle some craft projects to get a head start on next year’s gift giving? C. Jeanne Heida recommends using leftover gift wrap and bows for scrapbooking, paper mache projects, book covers, paper bead-making, or decoupaging trinket or cookie boxes or frames.