FLOR Spring 2012 Collection of Carpet Designs

| 2/10/2012 3:34:37 PM

There’s a lot we love about FLOR. The company's modular carpet tiles are made from recycled and renewable content, with a closed-loop life cycle in mind. Because FLOR doesn’t want to see any of its carpet tiles end up in the landfill, it started a Return & Recycled Program in which it sends pre-paid labels for customers to mail old tiles back. The tile’s modular nature also gives rise to creativity, allowing tiles to be arranged in a high number of unique patterns and design. But all this aside, FLOR offers what every homeowner, eco-conscious or not, wants in a product: beauty and durability. FLOR’s new Spring 2012 collection was recently released, and we couldn’t help but sharing a few of this eco flooring company’s new designs. From muted berbers to bold, audacious prints, here are a handful of designs that caught our eye!

Berber Afoot 

Durable but cozy, berber carpet is an excellent choice for many areas of the home, especially high traffic-rooms, which is perhaps why it’s one of the best-selling carpets out there. FLOR’s berber styles are made from 100 percent recycled Nylon. And with sweater-inspired tiles, some of FLOR's new designs look cozy enough to curl up on for a nap.

FLOR Family Tree 
Family Tree 

Settle Down FLOR 
Settle Down 

FLOR Coming Along 
Coming Along 

7/8/2014 4:46:06 AM

Durable but cozy, Berber carpeting is an accomplished best for abounding areas of the home, abnormally top traffic-rooms, which is conceivably why it’s one of the acknowledged carpets out there. FLOR’s Berber styles are fabricated from 100 percent recycled Nylon. And with sweater-inspired tiles, some of FLOR's new designs attending comfortable abundant to coil up on for a nap. http://www.edusentials.co.uk/nursery/matting/cat_65.html :: http://www.expresscarpet.co.uk/ :: http://www.lakeland-furniture.co.uk/ :: http://www.auroraproclean.com/specialist-cleaning