Eco-Decor Delights: Mystic Masala Ayurvedic Aromatherapy

| 9/10/2009 12:19:15 PM

Born in South Africa, educated in North Carolina, inspired by the Pacific Northwest, driven by the bustle of New York City and settled in Vancouver, Glynnis Osher, founder of Mystic Masala, has the entire planet to thank for her vibrant line of home and body products. 

Mystic Masala focuses on the principles of India’s ancient “science of life” called Ayurveda. “The function of Ayurveda is to prevent imbalances from taking hold in the body, maintain the balance of good health and heal diseases caused by imbalances,” the company’s website states.


mystic marsala buddha
Awaken and expand your senses with Mystic Masala’s fair trade candles and other products. Photo Courtesy Mystic Masala. 

All of Mystic Masala’s massage oils, soaps, and body products for mom and baby are made from wild-crafted herbs in fair trade environments in Nepal. “Our relationship with Wild Earth, a women’s fair trade cooperative in Kathmandu, Nepal gives us the opportunity to work with authentic Ayurvedic knowledge and wild-crafted herbs and to contribute to women’s and rural economic development in Nepal,” Mystic Masala’s website states. 

Mystic Masala’s website doesn’t list any official certification information, but does list numerous non-government organizations Mystic Masala happily supports: Women’sCraft, WEFD, ICIMOD, the Mountain Institute, and World Wildlife Fund’s Plants and People Project. “Our intention is to work with fair trade communities and small local producers, using mostly organic and wild crafted ingredients and sustainable practices. We believe in nurturing our Mother Earth and living gently on her soil.”