Eco-Decor Delights: Humble Earth-Friendly Printed Home Accessories

| 9/4/2009 3:52:51 PM

September has just arrived, which means autumn is just around the corner. It almost seemed like we didn’t even have a summer this year! Hailing from perpetually sunny and summer-esque Organic County, California, Humble can keep that carefree vibe going all year long.

humble decor 1
Humble’s set of 4 Jellyfish-printed towels is printed in vivid, tropical colors. Photo Courtesy Humble.

Founded, designed and hand-printed by Kristie Thinnes, Humble is deeply inspired by Kristie’s passion for nature and its creatures. “The ocean life holds a special place in my heart and it is vital it stays protected to continue human existence,” she says on the collection’s website. “The coral is the rain forest of the sea and protects so many creatures that I love. It also controls the carbon dioxide level in the ocean which affects the entire earth.” Along with her products having some serious eco-credentials (see below), Kristie openly supports the Coral Reef Alliance. She regularly donates a portion of all Humble’s sales to the organization and encourages others to chip in as well.

humble decor 2
One of Humble’s most popular pillow designs, the Seahorse, is available in 8 colors (custom shades welcome too). Photo Courtesy Humble.

So just how “green” are these pillows, hand towels, and tote bags? A quick peak at Humble’s website quickly reveals them strutting their eco-stuff:

• Made with 100 percent un-dyed organic cotton (big boon for organic cotton farmers, another population Humble proudly supports)
• Designed, hand-printed and assembled in the USA
• Printed with water-based, nontoxic inks
• Vegan
• Hypoallergenic
• All products are biodegradable, thanks to their elements and production methods (but we don’t see anyone throwing these design gems in the compost pile!)