Decorating with Upcycled, Weathered Wood

| 7/22/2011 6:22:25 PM

How did I miss seeing them? Six years I’ve lived here on this old homestead in rural Alaska! I’d gone into the broken-down Quonset hut on the edge of our property before, but I hadn’t actually looked at the weathered wood doors covering the ten-foot opening on the front.

Doors in original location 
The doors in their original location. Photo By Julia Normand. 

Maybe I was in too big a hurry to discover the treasures I hoped it held. The treasures turned out to be nothing more than busted up, wooden barrels full of rusted nails, boxes of plumbing parts, some water main size, 70s style kitchen appliances, roofing material, huge nuts and bolts, and heavy duty pieces of equipment that the previous owner had stashed, thinking some of it might come in handy someday. I reclosed the doors and didn’t look back.

Not until the day my husband and I decided to cart off the junk and demolish the hut. “Wow, look at that wood!” I said.

“Yeah,” my husband agreed, “it’s probably worth something to someone who knows what to do with it.”

However, neither of us could think what. Although we both have our own hefty hit of the "it’ll-come-in-handy-someday" bug, keeping these huge, heavy doors seemed a long shot.