How to Create Your Own Woman Cave

| 4/7/2015 10:31:00 AM

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Men get a cave. Why can’t women? You deserve a place to work, dream, create, and just “be.” Maybe you want to chill out once the kids are gone. Maybe you just need a place to relax and get your yoga on. Whatever your reason for wanting or needing a space that’s all your own, these six simple tips will transform that spare room into the perfect “mom” or “girl” cave in no time.

Woman Cave
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Add a Personal Touch

This is your place—your area to get away from it all. Highlight your deepest and most personal values with items that are strictly for this space, and no other. You should make the place your sanctuary.

You could go all DIY if you want, but you don’t have to. If the room is mostly finished, it may not need much. Maybe all you need is a bookshelf and books, your favorite sewing machine and craft supplies, or a cozy reading area. Whatever you choose for this room, make it personal.

Get Organized

The Container Store is this amazing place where everything gets organized.  It’s no secret that we love space—the more, the better. The problem is that once we’re done taking over the bathroom and the walk-in closet, we still seem to need more space. How many times have you opened your shoe drawer or closet and nearly drowned in an avalanche?

Your woman cave should be where any spillover goes and, in fact, you should try to move a lot of your stuff out of the hubby’s closet and into your new space. Use racks and closet inserts to dramatically increase the space of just about any storage space. From there, pegboards and racks that hang on the wall can provide you with a nearly endless amount of space for hats, shoes, dresses, jewelry, and pretty much anything else your little heart desires.

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