Bottle Cap Crafts for the Home

| 4/19/2012 3:27:33 PM

Using salvaged or reclaimed materials around the home is a great way to bring creativity to your interior design while helping out the planet. Some reclaimed materials naturally make sense for the home—salvaged wood, recycled glass, reclaimed metal. Others, not so much. Bottle caps fall into this latter category. These colorful collectibles are easy to toss without a second thought, but they offer so much potential for a spark of color and creativity for the home. Check out these five ideas for ways to bring bottle caps into your home in a stylish manner.

Bottle Cap Pull

bottle cap lamp pull 
Photo Courtesy Natural Home & Garden Archives 

This simple project requires a minimal amount of bottle caps, making it a great craft to start with. Stringing together a half dozen or so caps creates a fun, funky lamp pull that will be easy to find and grasp in the dark. It’s fairly simple to make, but check out the article “Try This: Bottle Cap Lamp Pull” if you need a little assistance.

Bottle Cap Tray

bottle cap tray 
Photo Courtesy Sweet Something Designs 

Jazz up an otherwise boring breakfast tray by covering the bottom in bottle caps. For this bottle cap tray, Michelle of the blog Sweet Something Designs painted over the caps she was going to use to create a uniform look. For instructions on making your own, check out her post “Bottle Cap Tray.”

Bottle Cap Table

bottle cap table 
Photo Courtesy 

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