Building Blackbird Studio, My Own Tiny Home

| 2/6/2012 12:23:04 PM

Elizabeth RichardsonElizabeth “Neko” Richardson is a licensed counselor in the State of Texas, a veteran, and holds a degree in Environmental Science. She currently lives in Hunstville, Texas, where she is building and designing her own home and studio using reclaimed and salvaged materials on a budget of $16,000 or less. She also works as a carpenter’s apprentice under the mentorship of Dan Phillips. Follow her building progress living experiment in design on her blog, Salvaged Homes. 

Blackbird Studio is the working name for my 333-square-foot living experiment in design.

It’s called "Blackbird" because its shed roof, together with the main house’s shed roof, will create the look of a "V" or wings. More specifically, I was inspired by the lyrics of the Beatles' song "Blackbird," and I thought the moniker fit completely. Blackbirds are also a very common bird in North America and I would like these type of small homes to become as common as blackbirds in urban areas.

In "Blackbird" I wanted to make a working model of a more sustainable way of life. I wanted to show myself it could be done, as we have very few models of what smaller and more sustainable homes look like in a city limits.

What is different about my tiny studio is that I am building this studio and home all according to code and with the blessing of the City of Huntsville. Special thanks here to the local building code department and the City of Huntsville as they have been a huge help and have shown themselves to be fearless leaders in the small and sustainable housing movement.

Framing BlackBird Studio