A Green Home: Birdcage Storage

| 1/24/2011 1:10:01 PM

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Jaci KennisonJaclyn Kennison is a freelance writer living and playing in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She owns and manages an art gallery and event venue between fits of shopping and redecorating. 

When you live in a small space, storage is often a constant issue. Utilizing tall furnishings that double as storage space is a great option. However, this solution does have a shortcoming; it still takes up valuable floor space. Another option that avoids this pitfall is hanging storage. On walls, yes, but also from the ceiling. Plant hangers allow you to keep your potted garden or decorative plants off the floor and off your surfaces.

Another extremely versatile option for hanging storage from the ceiling: birdcages.

These marvelous creations are not only pretty, but can be very useful in shifting your storage to give you a simpler, cleaner, more organized home.

Check your local secondhand or antique stores for generously sized wire cages. Clustering three different sized versions together and hanging them at different heights from a corner of your ceiling will create visual interest and provide a place to store books, candles, plants and other items.

birdcage storage 
Use an old birdcage to store rarely used items, books or plants. Photo By Rob Fargo/Courtesy Flickr. 

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