5 Wine Cork Crafts

| 6/26/2012 2:22:13 PM

Wine cork crafts are very popular right now. From homemade trivets and coasters to fancy art installations, wine corks seem to be blowing up Pinterest these days. Like the look? Pop a couple of bottles and invite some friends to help you start collecting corks. If you’re tackling a bigger project, we suggest teaming up with a local wine bar or restaurant to help you collect.

DIY Bulletin Board

DIY cork bulletin board 

Any instance in which you normally see cork is a great place to substitute in wine corks—like bulletin boards, for instance. You could buy a standard cork bulletin board from any store, or you could make your own bulletin board by upcycling old wine corks. This DIY Bulletin Board project takes just old corks, glue and ribbon to create, but you could also build your cork bulletin board in an old frame. Just use your creativity!

Wine Cork Trivet

Whole Living wine cork trivet Sweet Paul cork trivet 
Photos Courtesy Whole Living and Sweet Paul

Keep your countertops cool by making your own trivets out of old wine corks. You can stand them all on end in a circle to create a taller trivet, like this hose clamp-bound Cork Trivet from Whole Living (left) or this glued cork trivet from the blog Sweet Paul (right). Once on end, you can arrange the corks into any shape you want: circle, hexagon, square. Or you can lay the corks on their side and glue or bind together. Either way, it’s important to make sure all the corks are the same height so you can create a flat surface for a hot dish.   

Wine Cork Coasters

wine cork coasters 
Photo By Mayi Carles/Courtesy Heartmade