What IS an ‘Herbal Lifestyle’ Anyway?

| 1/26/2009 12:22:04 PM

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As we try to find ways to describe what our magazine is about, the term “herbal lifestyle” often comes up. I generally try to avoid using it because I always think, “What is that?” and I get a quick flash of someone with a flowing dress and flowers in her hair.

Not a bad image, actually, but also not representative of what we do here, or that to which we aspire. However, I do know that since I’ve started paying close attention (beginning the day we bought this magazine back in 2003), I’m simply amazed at how much of the really wonderful, sense-pleasing things in life come to us courtesy of herbs.

For instance, a few days ago my friend Nancy invited me to dinner and for dessert we had Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream, which was just about as good as any ice cream I’ve had. She used two vanilla beans – vanilla bean is an herb, so this treat would neatly fit in the “herbal lifestyle,” right? On my way out she handed me a jar of her homemade Amber Marmalade, featuring grapefruit, lemon and orange rind – again, the best marmalade I’ve had. (Yes, Nancy is a good friend to have.) And I think this marmalade also fits in the herbal lifestyle category, since we define herbs as the useful plants, and lemon and grapefruit both have culinary and medicinal properties. (Does orange? I’m not thinking of any, but maybe one of our readers will straighten me out.)

At any rate, considering such scrumptiousness, don’t you think we can come up with a better term than herbal lifestyle? Have any suggestions?

Here are the recipes for Nancy’s delicious dishes (the original ice cream recipe was adapted from an old Bon Appétit magazines she had in her attic, but I couldn’t find it online).

Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream

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