So Fresh and So Clean: USDA Organic Deodorant

| 10/15/2008 11:04:56 AM












Photo Courtesy Nourish

Nourish Organic Citrus Stick Deodorant may be the best deodorant I have ever used. Unlike conventional deodorants, Nourish is 100 percent natural—with no trace of aluminum in its ingredient list—and is USDA organic.  

But more than that, this deodorant works very well, especially considering that it is all natural.  

Nourish, which comes in a 2-ounce wide round stick, has a refreshingly tart scent, more like orange blossoms than orange, and dry consistency, although it becomes very creamy on contact with your underarms. I have yet to notice any white marks on my clothes, which is an added bonus.
As with most natural deodorants, Nourish allows your skin to naturally perspire, but the cornstarch in it makes you feel dry throughout the day. And while I would not use this or any other natural deodorant if I knew I had an extremely stressful day ahead, I have been very surprised with its strength, and feel comfortable using it daily. 

The price is a little steep— $6.99 for a stick—but I’d rather pay for it and know that it is not harmful.