Two Recipes With Globe Basil

| 2/16/2009 1:22:46 PM

My friend and colleague, Taylor Miller, brought some globe basil to the office earlier this week. Taylor, a gardener, has been growing herbs with an aerogarden, and judging by the amount of basil he brought, he’s been very successful. 

Globe basil is a cultivar of sweet basil. The leaves are smaller than the more common sweet basil leaves, and it grows in bushes. These characteristics make it perfect for small gardens. The taste is similar, although it is not sweet. It can be used is similar ways as sweet basil, although it probably isn’t the best choice for a caprese salad (basil and tomato). 


Basil and Garlic Vegan Garlic Spread 

I used this instead of mayo in a pan fried mahi-mahi sandwich on Monday, and a ham and cheese sandwich for my Tuesday lunch. It was a great addition to an otherwise boring lunch in front of the computer. It will also work as herb "butter" over bread or as a delicious topping to a baked potato. 

2 tablespoons of vegetable spread (I use Earth Balance’s Natural Buttery Spread-Soy Garden)