Product Review: Treating Burns and Scars with Herbal Remedies

| 9/1/2010 5:12:27 PM

KCNOTE: We never trade products for mentions in our blogs or our published magazine. We do receive free samples and will mention them only if we like the product or find it especially effective. 

A few weeks ago the employees in our office were saddened to hear that the little granddaughter of one of our co-workers had been badly burned in an accidental encounter with a teapot. The toddler had pulled on a tea towel hanging down from the kitchen cabinet and part of the tea pot, which had just been filled with boiling water, was resting on the towel. The hot water went down the little girl’s back, giving her second degree burns on most of her scalp, back and shoulders.

After spending time in the burn unit, she came home and underwent a couple more weeks of unpleasant recuperation. By this time, the open wounds had healed over and I knew it was time for our herbal secret arsenal. I contacted one of my friends, Gayle Bousman, who is an herbalist in the Ozarks and sells an amazing salve she creates on her farm in Missouri, Evening Shade Farms. Though it’s sold as a facial cream, thanks to FDA regulations that prevent it from being sold with any medical claims, Gayle’s Elder Cream is an amazing salve for healing skin that’s been burned or damaged. I used some when I had surgery on my hand and my doctor was simply amazed at the near-disappearance of the scar by my second follow-up visit. Gayle has given the cream to friends who’ve been treated for breast cancer and it helps heal up any skin damage due to radiation burns.

The bark of the elder tree, known for its skin healing properties,
is the main ingredient in
 Gayle’s Elder Cream.
Photo by Kpjas/Courtesy Flickr

I also called our friend Virginia DeSimone at derma e and asked what she could suggest. She overnighted a jar of derma e’s Cracked Skin Relief Crème and Scar Gel. Derma e is one of the companies whose products I use regularly and in whom I’ve never been disappointed. The quality of ingredients is superb and their formulations are thoughtfully done and actually accomplish what the company claims (not all that common in today’s market, sadly).

I knew that I could recommend any of these products for use on the baby’s scars because I trust the companies and products themselves. And I am so thrilled to report that Kelly, our co-worker, reported enthusiastically on Monday that she thinks the way her granddaughter’s scars are healing is just about miraculous.