The Nyah-Nyah Factor

| 5/21/2008 4:04:29 PM

Along with what works about herbal medicines and products, there's always a big dose of what doesn't work. And what isn't working for me today is 1.) not only did I get sick, but 2.) my co-workers keep stopping by saying, "What about your herbs? Isn't there something you can take for that?"

Never underestimate the urge to nyah-nyah, particularly when you work in the Great Hall of Skeptics. Not here at The Herb Companion, but throughout the building, which we share with several other publications. OK, maybe I've been sort of a nudge about herbs and immune defense, but darn it, they really do work.

When you use them. What happened is that I ran out of my immune boosting herbs last week after taking them assiduously in repsonse to my friend's flu (see ImmuneAid, last posting). Then on Sunday evening, I started sneezing and snuffling and generally feeling miserable. One of my friends said "It's tree-pollen season. You're allergic, right?" and I thought, "Ah, yes. Well the ImmunAid probably wouldn't do any good anyway." So I didn't rush to the local herb stand to buy some more.

And I woke up Monday morning with a full-blown case of the flu. Aches, shivers, full-on snurps and sniffles. I missed two days of work and only came back today because it's so boring at home -- no offense to Bob Dog and the cats. So, of course, there's been a steady stream of work pals -- OK, four -- stopping by to say, not "Oh, gee. I'm so glad you're back and feeling better," but "What happened to the herbs?" Subtext: Nyah-nyah (P.S. They're all guys. Is there a pattern here?)

But my point is still proven. I am absolutely certain that if I had had a supply of shiitake and maitake mushrooms at home, or that gallon of ImmunAid or Immunoboost or other high-potency flu-fighting immune booster I had threatened to buy, I would be hale and hearty today. I just have to be sure to keep a supply in my home, office, purse and car at all times so I don't get caught out like this again.

I am a woman with a mission.  Just see if I share with them from now on.