The Cookie Monster: Sweets v. Vegetables

| 3/25/2009 10:13:25 AM


Remember the Cookie Monster from the beloved PBS children’s television series Sesame Street? He always sang about eating delicious cookies. Last week a friend of mine told me that my blue, furry childhood friend no longer eats cookies. I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that PBS changed one of my favorite Sesame Street characters. What kind of cookie monster doesn’t eat cookies? Is the Cookie Monster loose on the streets singing “V is for vegetable and that’s good enough for me” while teaching kids that sweets are pure evil? Do we have to be so politically correct that our children can no longer enjoy a tasty snicker doodle? I decided I had to investigate the truth.

As it turns out my friend was right…kind of. 

In 2005, changes were in fact made on Sesame Street—the Cookie Monster would no longer be a childhood figure that encouraged the youth of America to add to today’s increasing obesity rate with an overzealous appetite for cookies. Instead, the Cookie Monster would teach children the importance of moderation. Although he still loves cookies, he also enjoys eating tasty fruits and vegetables for dinner—he waits to enjoy cookies for dessert.

Now this is a change that I can get on board with! I was upset when I believed that Sesame Street was teaching kids never to indulge in sweets because I believe that kid's shouldn't be taught that sweets are evil. Food can still be enjoyed and indulged in as long as it is handled in moderation. And I think it's great that the Cookie Monster also enjoys nutritious food. He probably would love some of The Herb Companion's delicious recipes!

In 2006, Matt Lauer set the record straight about the Cookie Monster's new healthy diet with this “exclusive interview.”

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