Simple Ways Businesses Could Be Greener

| 7/30/2015 10:40:00 AM

"Going green" makes ample sense from a business perspective. In addition to providing positive PR, a company's green initiative helps the environment by contributing a smaller carbon footprint. Green-friendly initiatives illustrate that a company cares about its community and is willing to prioritize the environment over cutting corners.

While "going green" in previous decades was difficult due to cost and inaccessibility, recent advances in technology, from biodegradable cleaners to affordable CFL/LED lighting, have made it easy and cost-effective for businesses to truly go green. It's so easy in 2015 for a business to be green that the initiative should be considered by all, starting with the simple tips outlined below.

eco-friendly lighting
Image by Public Domain Archive.

Make the Switch to LED

Whereas fluorescent lighting contains harmful toxins like lead and mercury, LED lights are devoid of any harmful toxins. They are also more energy efficient and last longer than most traditional lighting. Switching to LED is one of the easiest green-friendly endeavors a company could pursue. Due to LED's longevity, the switch will even save money in the long run.

Compact-fluorescent lights (CFL) are also worth consideration. Similar to LED, they can save companies up to $200 per bulb over time. Plus, many CFL and LED lights slide right into the standard bulb socket for most fixtures.

Utilize Biodegradable, Green Products

All businesses strive to maintain a clean-looking office, particularly with the use of cleaning supplies. Biodegradable cleaners reduce exposure to chemicals and harsh toxins. They’re also widely available at a fair price in grocery stores and on Amazon.