Save Paper: Opt Out of Phone Book Delivery

| 11/24/2009 1:35:10 PM

It arrives yearly much like Christmas: a colorful phone book draped in a sack on my front step.

I take it inside and place it above the refrigerator only to see it once more when I replace it next year with another one. The only amount of quality time I spend with it is the drive it takes with me to the recycling center.

Phone Book
Save paper by opting out of phone book deliveries. Photo by merfam/Courtesy Flickr. 

I’ve chosen to opt out of receiving phone books in the future—and you can, too. Type your ZIP code into, and it provides the contact info of phone book companies in your area.

After a few simple phone calls I’m off all of the distribution lists in my area. Just a little hint: Some opt outs last forever; some last a few years and require reenrollment. Ask each provider for the specifics so you know how long you’ll be off their delivery list.

Also, don’t worry, all the info the phone book companies collect from you when signing up for the opt out list is not put into a phone directory.