Sage Advice from the Wall Street Journal

| 1/12/2009 10:10:39 AM

"Order a packet of seeds and plant them in a window box or garden. Growing your own herbs, spices, and even vegetables depending on the amount of space you have is a great investment. If you spent just $10 on seeds and saved a mere $50 in the year, that's a 400% ROI."

That sage (ahem!) advice is from the Wall Street Journal Online, in an article about how small investments can reap large returns in the coming year. And what could be a less expensive investment than a packet of seeds, or a few live plants strategically placed where they will be pleasing to your eyes, nose and, if you play your cards right, even your taste buds? 

Click here for the rest of the Wall Street Journal article. 

Now I'm going to go back to surfing the web to see what seedy delights I can come up with as I contemplate this year's container garden.  Check out these sites for some enticing possibilities: 

Let us know some of your favorites, too. I'm always happy to expand my fantasy world.

I scored a victory on Friday night when I got my energetic neighbor, Kathy, to agree that making a hypertufa container for my patio would be a fun project this spring. I've wanted to create a hypertufa something since I first edited this 2003 article, "The Pot Spot," but the idea of doing it by myself was just too daunting. Now, having a partner in crime might actually make it fun.