Restaurant Review: 909 Coffee & Wine

| 6/8/2010 11:30:37 AM

KCI love the surprise of finding a truly delightful restaurant when I had not even been considering food. I found one here in Washington, out on a walk with my daughter-in-law, and it was such a delight we ended up having one of our best “mother-daughter” lunches ever. Not that we have a lot of them, given that she lives on the West Coast and I’m smack-dab in the Heartland, but still…

909 Coffee & Wine is on the main drag in Burien, Washington, where my son and daughter-in-law live, and it’s one of those cozy, comfortable and utterly delicious places I could return to again and again. It doesn’t offer free wi-fi or television because it’s intended to be a place where food, wine and companionship are shared. Imagine that! It feels like a throwback to a much more easygoing, deeply real time, and as soon as Jeanna and I wandered in, I had a sense of comfort and care.

909 Coffee & Wine is on the main drag in Burien, Washington.
Photo by buriienundressedblog/Courtesy Flickr

The food was perfectly prepared. I had a three-cheese ravioli that was the day’s special and I absolutely loved that, while the ravioli did have cheese as its filling, the sauce was simple and light, just a bit of olive oil, and the chef didn’t feel the need to saturate my taste buds with heavy butter and cream. Jeanna had some delicious chicken crepes with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta and a fabulous basil-pesto cream sauce. But again, even though some cream was used in the sauce, it wasn’t heavy and screaming “We’ve got CREAM here!!!” Delicate and delicious.

The menu is full of delicious herbs, from the breakfast potatoes with red bell pepper and thyme to the fabulous-sounding dinner entrée of smoked salmon with horseradish aioli and pickled onions. That in itself is almost worth a return trip, never mind the kids.

8 June 2010 Wine and Dish
A variety of delicious entrées fill the menu at 909 Coffee & Wine.
Photo courtesy 909 Coffee & Wine

I felt as though I were in Italy again, in one of the quiet, family-owned-and-operated bistros that are tucked away throughout the country. The love of ingredients and respect for the customer are so apparent, and from start to finish the experience is pleasant and fulfilling. I think we Americans would have a lot fewer problems with weight and poor health if we could enjoy more of these leisurely, lovely meals, thoughtfully prepared and enjoyed in pleasant company.