Product Review: SunFeather Natural Soap

| 5/20/2009 3:43:56 PM


Even though I’m buried with work today, I have now circled over to the Marketing Department three times, ostensibly to visit my friend Taylor. My meandering is really a visitation to see and smell Taylor’s hand balm. I drift over and cadge a little, rub it on my hands, come back to my office and just sit and smell them while I’m doing my other work. I can’t get enough of it!

The source of this fabulousness is Gardener’s All Natural Hand Balm with Shea Butter by SunFeather Natural Soap Company ($9), a delectable combination of olive oil and shea butter scented with lavender, lemon and ginger essential oils. It feels great on my sunburned hands (another story, precisely how my hands got sunburned), but most of all it smells like the essence of clean. The company says say it is made with lavender, lemon and ginger, but I know there has to be a secret ingredient in there somewhere. It smells like it is infused with pure summer in it!


It isn’t a particularly girly scent; in fact, the aroma resembles that of some soap from Herban Cowboy that I discovered a few years back. But with the wonderful olive oil/shea butter combination, it makes for a product I know I will use again and again (as soon as I get my own. Relax, Taylor, your balm is safe from me). I will have the softest hands in the building.

If it were cologne, I’d wear it everywhere.