Product Review: Cook With These Gourmet Peppercorns

| 9/16/2010 2:07:36 PM

KCNOTE: We never trade products for mentions in our blogs or our published magazine. We do receive free samples and will mention them only if we like the product or find it especially effective. 

A few years ago a friend gave me a lovely pepper grinder as a thank you for helping her with a project. I used it happily for a year or so and then, for no apparent reason, the metal in the grinder began to disintegrate. It was still useable, but looked really gnarly. That was, as I said, a long time ago and for literally years now, I’ve been saying, “I need to get myself a new pepper grinder.” Which I would immediately forget until the next time I used it, at which time I would repeat, “No, really I have to get myself a pepper grinder.”


I even went so far to make myself a note and, the next time I visited Bed, Bath and Beyond, I actually looked at pepper grinders. I felt like Goldilocks, discarding one because it was too small, the other because it was too big, another because I suspected it was exactly the same pepper grinder my friend bought me, which was now moldering in my pantry with some sort of metal canker.

Meanwhile, I’ve been using plain old garden-variety pepper in my daily use and dragging out the pitiful pitted pepper grinder when I wanted a coarser grind. Then, a few weeks ago, the clouds parted, the celestial voices started chirping and a CARE package arrived from Frontier Natural Products Co-op: A box full of assorted peppercorns, each in its own handy-dandy adjustable grinder.

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