Product Review: Bedfan

| 10/27/2008 11:35:41 AM

If night sweats are causing you to lose sleep and costing you more on your air-conditioning bill, consider a Bedfan. The Bedfan can save you hundreds on your energy bill by cooling the only part of your home that needs cooled while you’re sleeping: your bed. 

The Bedfan attaches to the end of your bed and provides a cool stream of air between the sheets and comforter throughout the night. The Bedfan eliminates body heat that gets trapped under the covers and replaces it with a cool and comfortable temperature. Ceiling fans and stationary fans only blow the hot and cool air around the room. The thermostat can then be lowered while you are sleeping to save on the energy bill. 

The Bedfan can be controlled with an attached speed controller that reaches to the front of the bed for easy access while lying on the bed. It can sit on any end of the mattress; if the bed has a footboard, then it may be difficult to maneuver the Bedfan between the mattress and the footboard so disassembly of the bed may be required.

Bedfan is $89.95.