Passive House Design: An Introduction to the Passive House Standard

| 10/21/2010 11:09:47 AM

Mark A. Miller is a practicing architect/builder/developer living in Chicago who designs projects around the country. His studio, Mark A. Miller Architects + Builders, designs and builds high-performing, energy-efficient homes that speak to the soul. Mark recently co-founded the Passive House Alliance Chicago and is lecturing about the Passive House standard throughout the Midwest. You can learn more about his unique approach to designing thoughtful homes at his websites: Zen + Architecture and Passive House Midwest. 

A fellow architect recently interviewed me for another blog and I would like to share this conversation with you as an introduction to the Passive House standard.

Q: What makes a Passive House different from a conventional house? 

A Passive House keeps its conditioned air "in" and the unwanted, unconditioned air "out". This means paying extra attention to the quality of detailing in the building's shell:

• Super-insulated walls

• High-performing triple-glazed windows, with many seals and locks