Paper Steps Back to the Stone Age in a Green Way

| 10/14/2008 3:09:18 PM

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FiberStone Paper, according to the manufacturer, is made from 80 percent calcium carbonate (limestone) and 20 percent non-toxic high-density polypropylene resin. The resin acts as a binder for the calcium carbonate.

The paper, which is supposedly 100 percent recyclable, can be used to replace virgin and recycled paper in all applications of the printing process. And when the numbers to produce one ton of FiberStone Paper are compared to those other paper products, it makes good ecological sense to switch to FiberStone.

FiberStone table large

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Unfortunately, all of these claims have not been substantiated by an independent third-party source. is independent from and says many of the same things as Natural Source Printing, but they’re obviously promoting their own brand of the product. It’s been heavily debated on but no consensus was reached. That’s why I’ve brought it to your attention, so together we can get to the truth.

Another down side to the product is that Natural Source Printing can’t make it available at this time to individuals who need small runs because the demand from corporations and small businesses is too high but as interest grows the company says they would like to increase their production.