New New Drink

| 8/8/2008 11:24:04 AM

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The depths of August are upon us, people, and the outlook is somnolent. The sun gets higher and hotter, and I am wishing to be in Spain. Cultral Obligation: Siesta! Alas, here in the U.S. we are free to soldier straight through siesta during the hot season.

Combat the urge to snooze the summer afternoons away with Honest Tea's Organic Citrus Energy Green Tea. It has a quarter the caffeine of a cup of coffee, which means no crazed pencil tapping and/or fidgeting, and the aftertaste is lemony and refreshing. Even better, it's lightly sweetened with cane sugar (no high fructose corn syrup here!) and USDA certified organic. Plus, you can feel good about Honest Tea's attention to environmental responsibility: They purchase renewable energy credits to help offset the carbon dioxide created during production.