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3 New Natural Products from Expo West 2013

Every year at Natural Products Expo West (an amazing products fair that features all of my favorite natural goodies in one massive convention hall), the press room showcases new natural products out on the market—the "Best of the West." I was asked to vote on my favorite Best of the West products just by scoping them out. Here were my three picks for the most intriguing and innovative.

PurO3 Ozonated Jojoba Oil 

Ozonated Jojoba Oil with Lavender 

By PurO3 

What It Is

This beauty product infuses organic jojoba oil with activated oxygen to form a moisturizing skin cream. Lavender essential oil is added after the oxonation process.

Why I Love It

I adore jojoba oil. It is an excellent moisturizer and it helps control the oil your skin produces. Every other night, I use jojoba oil as a natural cleanser and rub it gently onto my face. It’s a great facial treatment that supposedly helps trick your skin into producing less oil, and it effectively removes my eye makeup. However, I have personally never before heard of oxonating oils such as jojoba. What a great idea! You get the same skin benefits as the oil, but in a creamier form that is easier to apply.

Impressed by its innovation, this was the first Best of West product I voted for. After taking my PurO3 sample home, I fell in love. The cream is refreshing, and the lavender oil adds a scent perfect for winding down in the evenings. Apply it to your face every other night 30 minutes before going to bed so as to let the oil absorb into your skin. The company also offers oxonated avocado, coconut, hemp, sunflower and olive oil.

Plum Organics Slam Dunx 

Organic Slam Dunx yogurt dippers 

By Plum Organics

What It Is

Slam Dunx are a line of portable and fun healthy snacks for kids: vanilla wheat sticks served alongside a creamy vanilla-coconut yogurt dip.

Why I Love It

This line of products has actually been on the market for awhile, but I had never heard of it—whether that is because I’m not a mother or because I just don’t pay that much attention. I voted for this product because it reminded me of the similar (but sugar-heavy) Dunkaroo snacks I used to enjoy so much as a kid. (Any 90s kid would agree with me here.) I love that this children’s snack offers the same dipping fun that kids find exciting, but with a health-conscious twist: It’s made with wholesome ingredients such as real yogurt, and it is free of artificial flavors. The best part? It tastes great! How can your kids reject such a tasty snack?

Sleepytime Snooz Berry Natural Sleep Aid

By Celestial Seasonings

What It Is

Made with melatonin and herbal sleep-aids such as valerian, chamomile and lemon balm, this “snooze shot” is designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Why I Love It

Although I love drinking tea (I am an Herb Companion alum after all) I don’t always want to take the time start a pot of tea—especially after 9 o’clock. But I liked the idea that these natural “snooze shots” are available pre-packaged and ready to drink. This particular one is flavored with stevia and other natural berry flavors.

After tasting it, I was thrown off guard by its bitter taste. The berry flavors are there to help it go down smoother, but I still had some difficulties. Despite that setback, I have to say—I enjoyed a good night’s rest. Do not exceed one bottle per day.

Gina DeBackerGina DeBacker is the assistant editor at Mother Earth Living. She loves that part of her job entails traveling and testing new natural products.