Moss Obsessed

| 5/1/2008 2:49:55 PM

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How fantastic is this moss? I can feel it, all springy, cool and textured, under my feet. How blissful to relax near low-growing moss on a sweltering summer day?

I admit it, I am moss-obsessed. It just seems like the perfect solution to itchy grass. It doesn't need much water after it's established, it loves nutrient-depleted, acidic soil, there's no mowing ... Sounds great, right?

I was especially inspired by a great article in the New York Times. I have no idea whether I can grow it in my Kansas neighborhood, but I have designs on a particular shady, bald patch of yard and I'm heading to my favorite greenhouse this weekend, so cross your fingers!

This photo is from moss dealers and experts, Moss Acres.