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Make Your Own Nontoxic, Natural Cleaners

My roommates and I are tracking leaves in to the house. The bathroom sink isn’t looking its best. And I wish I knew how to get these stains out of the carpet.

Lucky for me I stumbled upon a nice list of nontoxic cleaners you can make at home that can (and will) solve my cleaning problems. My three favorite cleaning recipes are below.

Household Cleaners
Stop buying all of those harsh cleaners and start using homemade, nontoxic cleaners for most of your needs. Photo By himmelskratzer/Courtesy Flikr. 

First, stock your pantry with these great green cleaning supplies:

• Baking soda

Bon Ami Cleanser

• Borax

• Lemon or lime juice

• Liquid dish soap

• Vegetable or olive oil

• Washing soda

• White vinegar

• Non-scratch scrubber sponge

Rust remover

If your tub or sink has some rust on it, sprinkle salt on the rust and soak it in lime juice for two to three hours. Nothing special is needed to soak the area, just juice the lime right onto it and let it sit. After that, use a rag to rub off the lime juice and salt; you can also (preferably) use the the lime rind to scrub it off. Your rust should be gone!

Bacteria, mold and germs

A spray bottle of vinegar, straight out of the store bottle, is a great way to kill germs anywhere in your house. The smell will dissipate in a matter of hours, and is proven to kill 99 percent of germs. I like to use it in my home because we have a cat, and I don’t want to spray possible toxic cleaners where he’ll be pawing around.

Carpet cleaner

After a spill, blot the area with a water dampened rag. Sprinkle the spot with baking soda, cornstarch or borax and allow it to dry. Wash it with club soda, blot with a rag and vacuum.

What nontoxic cleaners do you use in your own home? Which do you not recommend? Share below in the comments section.

Here are a few more nontoxic cleaning recipes from Natural Home, and if you must use store-bought cleaners, here’s a run down of what to look for in pre-made cleaners.