Lower Your Grocery Bill: Tips for Finding Great Food Deals

| 8/24/2015 7:00:00 AM

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In the early years of my marriage, when months were longer than money, I had to learn how to save money, especially on groceries. Living with my parents, I hadn’t realized how much food actually costs when it didn't come from your backyard! That first trip through the canned foods aisle and meat department was truly an eye opener, let me tell you. Here are some of the ways I learned how to save money.

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Early on, I researched how I could save money on our grocery bill. Finding the day old bread store was amazing. I had no idea you could buy bread so inexpensively—and to me it still tasted great. As our family expanded, and we invested in a chest freezer, I would buy marked-down bread to store in order to avoid multiple trips to the store. Making your own bread is great, but when you don't have time, finding a bread store near you helps you keep bread, rolls, buns and more on hand.

I also discovered salvage stores or "scratch and dent" groceries. These were like a treasure hunt; you never knew what you would find when you went to the store—cheap pasta, inexpensive flour, even cereal. Every trip helped to stock our pantry and allowed our family to eat better than we could have otherwise. The local salvage store we go to now is amazing, and I start my shopping trips there each week to keep our grocery budget in line. I can find coffee for half price, canned fruit at a third of the price, cleaning supplies at less than half price—even shampoo, toothpaste and dog food. Check Google to see if you have a salvage grocery near you that might yield some unexpected great deals.

Where we live, there’s a local grocery store that has a markdown area for every section, such as dairy and meat. I’ve found great deals on quite a few things, and will sometimes buy all of a markdown item if it's a really great deal. Get to know the managers of each department. In talking to each of them, I have learned the best times to go during the week to find marked down items. Check around your grocery stores locally—see if they have a markdown rack or if they would be willing to sell you items that would otherwise been thrown out.

The marked down produce has supplied our family with great fresh fruit, like apples, oranges, and bananas. Sometimes I find grapes, strawberries and peaches. Even the vegetables, such as green peppers, onions and mushrooms, can be used right away, or frozen and dehydrated to use later. I discovered a jelly recipe that makes some great jelly from whatever fruit you might find at a reduced price, either at a grocery store or a farmers market. I like to use my steam juicer to juice the fruit for jelly, but you can make juice however you like (the steam juicer just happens to be easier for me).

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