Journey Toward Healthy Hair: Jurlique

| 12/29/2008 9:37:56 AM


When I stepped out of the shower after using Jurlique’s hair care products I felt like I had stepped out of a high-end hair salon. My hair felt light, oil-free and amazing. After every use I couldn’t stop reaching for the ends of my hair and pulling it across my cheek for one more sniff.

The scent I love most of all is the peppermint and tea tree aroma from Jurlique’s Arnica Mint Shampoo ($22). Jurlique’s Lavender Conditioner ($22), which is designed to relax your mind and soothe your hair and scalp, paled in comparison to the company’s Arnica Mint Shampoo. Jurlique also offers Chamomile and Sandalwood shampoo and conditioner products. After using a quarter-size dollop of the shampoo to lather my hair I was in fragrance heaven. Also, the bottles are decorated with chic illustrations of the herb ingredients added to each product, which make them cute products to keep on display in your bathroom for guests to see and grow envious of.

The company uses sustainable ingredients and holds itself in high standards when growing, developing and sourcing Jurlique ingredients in its own farms and, when impossible, carefully sourcing from biodynamic or organic farms.

Its one downfall is that Jurlique’s Arnica Mint Shampoo is produced with sodium lauroyl sarcosinate—a cleanser that removes surface oil, dirt and bacteria without stripping or drying sensitive skin, but still may not be the safest ingredient choice, according to the Environmental Working Group. This cleanser enhances the penetration of irritation to the skin but is safer when used in rinse-off products, according to

So what do you think? Have you fallen in love with Jurlique’s body care products as much as me? If not, what hair fragrance is your favorite?