Journey Toward Healthy Hair: John Masters Organics

| 12/5/2008 11:52:18 AM



It might just be that my hair was recently cut, but my hair feels a lot healthier than it did a month ago. When I curl my hair the ends curl completely under. It’s great to not have split ends!

Most of all I’ve been enjoying the different scents during my hair care excursions. This week my hair smells like a mixture of rosemary, lavender and peppermint.

John Masters Organics creates aromatherapy beauty treatments that use certified organic essential oils whenever possible and avoid artificial colors, fragrances and fillers.

I used John Masters Organics’ lavender rosemary shampoo for normal hair. Because my hair is so thick I had to use a little more than a nickel size of the shampoo in order to get my hair nice and lathered, but I didn’t mind—this shampoo is so fragrant! Lavender normalizes scalp conditions and slows hair loss while rosemary stimulates hair growth and adds volume and shine. Next, I used the same amount ofJohn Masters Organics' rosemary & peppermint detangler. The added peppermint reduces scalp irritation and treats oily scalps.

For $16 each, I say these products are worth the extra buck. Other herbal products are available: evening primrose for dry hair, zinc & sage shampoo and conditioner, honey and hibiscus hair reconstructing shampoo, and an herbal cider hair rinse. Let me know which of these products you’ve tried or would like to try. What’s your favorite herb to use on your hair and why? What is it about a warm shower during the winter that makes you feel at ease?