Green Summer: John Legend's Summer Concert Tour Goes Green

| 6/17/2009 2:23:00 PM

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A few months ago I was scouring the Internet for concerts I could take my boyfriend, Nick, to for his birthday. A few years ago Nick introduced me to soul singer John Legend, and I immediately fell in love with his music. Although I knew our chances were slim, I had my heart set on seeing him live, even if it meant traveling a few hours for the concert.

A quick look at John Legend’s website told me it wasn’t going to happen – the closest concert was several states away (and I certainly wasn’t going to make it to Dubai) – but as I searched further, I uncovered a bit of news that made me glad John Legend was touring, even if I couldn’t go.

John Legend
John Legend has taken his summer concert tour green. He will neutralize carbon emissions from his tour, sell eco-friendly merchandise and support an online ride-sharing site to promote carpooling. Photo By studio08denver/Courtesy Flickr 

For this summer’s tour promoting his new album Evolver, John Legend has given a “green light” to sustainability and teamed up with Reverb, a non-profit environmental group that works closely with the music community, to make his tour as green as possible. To date, Reverb has greened 70 tours, reached more than eight million fans and has worked with well-known artists such as Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Ben Folds and even the Blue Man Group.

Musical tours can put a lot strain on the environment. Fans burn petroleum getting to the venues, and the concerts themselves consume a lot of electricity and produce a lot of garbage. For John Legend’s tour, Reverb calculated the total carbon footprint from the flights, hotels and energy use at venues. John Legend will neutralize these emissions by financially supporting the construction of new renewable energy projects. On its website Reverb says that 80 percent of a concert’s carbon dioxide emissions come from fans’ commute to the show. To offset this, John Legend will support an online ride-sharing website to encourage fans to carpool together. In addition to that, he will offer eco-friendly merchandise at his concerts.

Now that’s something to "get lifted" about!

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