In The News: How Much Saffron Should You Use?

| 12/10/2010 12:51:57 PM

GinaOur January 2010 issue (on newsstands now!) profiled Crocus sativus, more commonly known as saffron—the world's priciest spice. (Each purple Crocus sativus plant produces only three saffron threads.) And now it's in the mainstream media. (We are so on top of things!)

Earlier this week, NPR talked with food writer Monica Bhide, who agreed with the Herb Companion's assessment that a little saffron goes a long way. In fact, she says "Great chefs say if you can taste the saffron in a dish, you've gone too far. ... It's all about the aroma." Bhide adds that the general rule of thumb is to use about three strands per person.

12-10-2010-saffron close upNot only does this logic save you from a saffron overkill in your meals, it saves you money. An $8 to $15 1-gram jar of saffron, which contains about 450 threads, can last through a whole handful of dishes, cakes and teas. I'm officially inspired to seek out some saffron threads of my own and add them to my culinary experiments (like this Saffron Cake). Christmas is in a few weeks, if anyone wants to buy me a Christmas gift. (Just saying ...)

Check out the Herb Companion's saffron profile here: Grow, Cook and Heal with Saffron.

Read the full NPR article here: Saffron: You Can Have Too Much Of A Good Thing.

Photo by cskk/Courtesy Flickr