How to Make Mittens, Hats and Blankets from Old Sweaters

| 12/29/2011 2:49:48 PM

Rachel SchwartzRachel Schwartz is a Natural Home & Garden editorial intern. She attends the University of Kansas where she studies Journalism and writes columns about environmental and organic health for the campus newspaper, The University Daily Kansan. She is passionate about reducing her carbon footprint and filling her body with the best possible foods.   

Now that it’s winter, when I walk outside the frigid air turns my fingers purple and the icy wind whips at my face. To keep winter’s chill at bay this year, I’m trying my hand at DIY mittens, hats and blankets. They won’t make the frigid winds disappear, but they will protect my body from them.

You can make cold weather accessories, including mittens and hats, from upcycled sweaters. For the sweater mittens, trace a mitten-shape around your hand, cut out the shape through both sides of the sweater and sew the two together. Repeat this process for your other hand. For the sweater hat, mark an area 9.5 inches from a side seam of the sweater and 8 inches from the bottom edge. Then, cut it out in a semi-circle shape. Stitch the two pieces together and turn it inside out. You now will have a cute, cozy sweater hat and mittens! For more detailed instructions, check out One Pearl Button’s blog post.

Blanket of Sweaters 

You can also make a cozy blanket from nine or 10 old sweaters. Before you start to cut and sew the sweaters, you’ll need to felt them. Although it sounds like a time-consuming, potentially scary process, all felting entails is washing the sweaters, three or four at a time, in hot water then drying them on the hot setting. Once you have the felted sweaters, just follow these steps from the Healthy Home Fabrics blog to make your comfy sweater blanket.

Image: Photo Courtesy Healthy Home Fabrics blog 

Jennifer Prior
12/27/2012 1:14:19 AM

I'd love to make the sweater blanket, but the link only goes to ads. Can you update that?