How To Discover Fairies in a Garden

| 3/23/2010 10:36:10 AM

Gina"Thousands of people say that fairies aren't real. Thousands. Hundreds!"

Meet Lydia, a fairy scientist set out to discover the secret world of fairies. This four and a half minute video is one of nine finalists in the annual Project Reason Video Contest, a contest designed to spread scientific thinking and secular values. According to Lydia, a scientist is "someone who looks very carefully and tries to discover new things and stuff."

We love Lydia's charming curiosity. After thorough research Lydia discovered some interesting facts about fairies. Did you know that fairies get their energy from "pastel things"? According to Lydia, hanging pastel-colored beads in your garden will attract fairies and hopefully invite them to reside in your garden permanently. Evidently, fairies usually reside in sunny patches of flowers, marshes, leaves and raspberry boxes.

She still has yet to scientifically conclude that fairies exist. Lydia says that if she sees little tiny fairy wings or something that looks like it belongs to a fairy then that would lead her to believe that "fairies are totally real." However, if she finds out that there are no such things as fairies, she'll be really disappointed.

Keep the magic alive, Lydia! 

Enjoy the video below.