Food for Thought: How Hidden Food Allergies Can Cause Weight Gain

| 5/17/2010 3:42:13 PM

Stephanie Small

Stephanie Small is founder of Three Sisters Nutrition, a phone-based practice helping women improve their relationship with food, and blogs for holistic weight loss site 9 Weight Loss. 

A client came to me about a year ago suffering from headaches, anxiety and low energy. She wanted to learn which foods were right for her body.

I had her keep a three-day diet journal. When we reviewed it, I discovered she was eating gluten—the protein in wheat (along with barley, rye and a few other grains)—on a daily basis. Gluten is irritating for many people, and I had an intuitive hit that it wasn’t doing her any favors. I suggested she follow an elimination diet for two weeks. She could have all the rice, quinoa, and millet she wanted—just no gluten.

At the next session she reported her migraines were gone, her anxiety had diminished, and she had, without trying, dropped 5 pounds.

Tip #3: Identifying a food allergy can create radical changes