How To: Pesto Sauce

| 12/29/2009 3:12:33 PM

GinaPatti Moreno, most commonly known as the Garden Girl, teaches us how to make pesto. Check out her video below.

For more pesto recipes, read our article "Fresh for the Pesto Garden" or click on the recipe links below.

• Classic Pesto - This recipe originated in Genoa, Italy. It uses fresh basil, pine nuts and cloves.

• Arugula Pesto - This piquant variation uses sour cream, arugula leaves, Italian parsly, almonds and shallots.

• Green Garlic Pesto - Get the health benefits of garlic with this heart healthy recipe.

• Sun-dried Tomato Pesto - This may be a summer staple, but you can prepare it on cloudy days in memory of sunny days.