Herbs in Horto: Take a Moonlit Stroll Through the “City in a Garden”

| 6/25/2009 3:57:00 PM



On an evening excursion to downtown Chicago last weekend, I stumbled upon a fabulous find. The Lurie Garden at Millennium Park is a well-known tourist attraction to both Chicago residents and visitors. But shrouded in the dark of night, it felt like my own secret garden.

I drove to Chicago for a wedding that went from early Friday to late Saturday, so Sunday evening was my time to explore. After bumping along through hours of construction and traffic, I was grateful to find a tranquil place where noise and distraction couldn’t find me. Even though the street musicians were amazing and the Chicago Blues Festival was raging, I needed a silent break.

Millenium Park Night Skyline
Photo by Hometown Invasion Tour/Courtesy Flickr

I’m not sure whether I was in the “dark plate,” where the darker, lush plants were, or the “light plate,” which had more colorful vegetation. But after hours of examining GPS screens and reading street signs, the last thing I wanted to do was read a map to find out. I just wanted to explore. I didn’t even want to wrench myself from the moment long enough to take pictures, not that I could have seen much in the dark.

Millenium Park Night Walkway
Photo by Zolk/Courtesy Flickr